Take a journey with us in a little village in North-East of Thailand, where you can see and learn ancient technique metal casting using molds made from clay, straw and cow dung, using wax produced by mixing normal wax with gums from nature. This ancient technique remains only in very few places in the world. 

You will learn about history and value of this ancient casting technique, work with wax by using ancient tools made from bamboo and curved wood, learn about tools, materials and working process of ancient casting.

Your pieces will need few days to dry by sun before firing. We will take a little historical and crafts tour in Ubon-Ratchathani and come back for the last session of the workshop.

You will create pieces from your own design in brass or bronze (if you wish to use other kind of metal you can bring them along with you).

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Participants : minimum 4, maximum 9

Duration and Price: 7 days, 6 nights / 17,000 THB

Price including:

Travelling in Ubon Ratchathani

PA Insurance

Local meals (from breakfast of the 1st day until lunch of the last day)

National Park entrance fee

All demonstrations and visitings

Accommodations (5 nights in home stay, 1 night in National Park or nearby)

Workshop fee (4 days, materials included)

Price excluding:

Traveling to/from Bangkok –Ubon (there are low-cost flights, train, and bus service).

The trip is usually organised twice a year, in Aug and Dec. It is possible to organise a private trip for a group of 4-18 people in other period of time. For further information please contact: info@atelierrudee.com

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